Rivkah's hair Studio
Hair salon Services

We offer complementary brow shaping with color services

Hair COloring

Place your confidence in the talented hair colorists at Rivkah’s Hair Studio, to provide professional expertise from our many years of training, our Color experts offer the latest products that leave your hair happy, healthy and shiny.

Hair Extensions and Halocouture

If changing your hair color or getting a new cut is just not enough, consider hair extensions for a dramatic and glamorous way to give your appearance a boost. Introducing the all new HALOCOUTURE Hair Extensions!


For a haircut that truly exceeds your expectations, your facial features and unique style, consult with Rivkah’s Hair Studio  stylists at our friendly salon for an in-depth consultation to achieve a customized look created just for you.


Many people suffer from unruly hair that takes way too long to style. Mornings can be a real drag when you have to get up half an hour early just to style your hair. Luckily, there is an effective solution. At Rivkah’s Hair Studio, we specialize in keratin treatments and other hair relaxer treatments.

Perm is back

Perms are the in thing! Guys and girls are very hip to perms!

This is not your 80s perm, but customized to your hair structure and face. We are really focused on each perm being totally authentic to each woman.

The price  starts at $90 depending on length of hair.

“I was introduced to the “Rivkah Experience” back in Jan 2014, and have been a loyal client ever since. The friendliness of the staff, the happiness in the studio and the excellent customer service are unmatched. Attention to detail is unsurpassed. Flexibility around scheduling is never a bother or concern. I will continue to be a regular client as long as Rivkah is available!”

Susan D.

“I had a very pleasant experience at Rivkah’s Salon in Westborough a few days ago. I called to make an appointment and was lucky to get in almost right away. I was glad to find that Rivkah herself was available to cut my hair. I needed her advice. As it turns out, I retired a while ago and had kept my hair shorter than I might have otherwise liked to keep up a “business-like” appearance. For over a year, I had been letting it grow, but had arrived at a point we’re I didn’t like what I saw. I brought in a few photographs of rich and handsome older guys who happened to have long hair. I expressed my preference to look like Sir Richard Branson and let Rivkah do her work. I can report that my bank balance has not gone up. The Queen of England hasn’t called. I still don’t have an entourage, but I do look a hell of a lot better. One out of four’s not so bad, all things considered.”

Philip C.